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Check out parental reports about how effective is ABA,Speech therapy for children with PDD,Autism,ADD,ADHD,Behavioral Issues,Speech Delays or Learning and Developmental Delays? ABA Therapy in Dubai,Sharjah.

ABA,Speech Therapy

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  • Our son has Autism.Initially we were totally depressed till we started ABA Therapy. We start ABA Therapy sessions with Ms.Asha in ABA center and our son’s eye contact has improved a lot and his hyper active behavior has come down, listening and communication level has improved a lot just in 3months.Our child recognized us as his parents and very much gratitude to Ms.Asha Madam. A child who can hardly speak and write is now getting 1 st mark in the dictation words and even his class teacher in mainstream school appreciate his academic and behavior in class. This is only because of the efforts put by Ms.Asha to improve the child, she is something great her approach towards child is different and appreciable. She focuses on overall development, whether it may be speech delay, academics, behavior or other sensory problems.She is very friendly with child and take out the child’s inner potentials and also supportive to parents. Now our son is very fine and going to school and studying with normal kids. As a parent, we are happy to have taken right decision of starting- ABA Therapy treatment at his early age. We are very happy to write the feedback. we thank the center and Ms.Asha Mani or her service and the emotional support given by her.” Parent(Dubai,UAE)

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  • My son was 3 years when we found that he had speech and developmental delay. After consulting the doctor they had advised that he needs to go through speech therapy. We got a speech therapist which helped a little .Since there was a speech delay automatically we had found that there was delays in academics as well. Then we heard about ABA Therapy. Its nearly 9 months since my son started ABA and he has improved drastically both in terms of academics as well as for speech .I also wish Ms.Asha all the best in helping and supporting needy parents and children.” Bindu ( Mother,Sharjah,UAE)
  • My son turned 4 years last month and had started his schooling from September. During his first few days in school, we were notified by teachers about his lack of attention towards class teacher and certain other behavioral issues. We approached ABA Center who is having a reputed behavioral analyst and started her therapy sessions.During the sessions ,Ms.Asha continuously interacts with my son in her various professional methods resulting in improved focus and speech. We have noticed marked improvement in my son’s behavior and concentration thereby eliminating the schools complaints. We thank Ms. Asha Madam for her effort and guiding us in right direction to give us a peace of mind and securing my child’s future.” Parent(Dubai,UAE)
  • My son was diagnosed with autism when he was 3 years old, now he is 4. From past 1 year we had send him for ABA Threrapy. Asha is bright light for us, she guided us in the right direction. Now he’s more responsive and demonstrative and has more appropriate behaviors. Ms.Asha is always hopeful for my son’s progress.She also shares with me techniques to deal with difficult behavior and recommend things that I could do to work with my son.” SHAHALA SAIF (UAE Local Parent, Dubai,UAE)
  • My Daughter has so much of behavioral issues, very low eye contact, attention deficit and hyper active issues and also never interacts with other students in the class room. When she joined the school in KG-1,the school principal and counselor advised us her to send for the ‘’ Behaviour therapy “. My daughter started ABA therapy, and now she is having very good improvement in all areas and now she is studying in a mainstream school in KG-2. We are taking this opportunity to thank “Ms. Asha “and appreciate her talents and sincerity in her profession.

Anilkumar and Sandhya Anil,

  • “I’m a parent going to the ABA Center for my son who has speech delay.It was Ms.Asha Ma’ms effort that my son has been able to go to main stream school,and he has adjusted to the school.We are able to see so many positive changes in him day by day.He started learning and speaking new words faster.The most important thing which we likes is the coordination of Speech Therapy and Behavior Team. Speech Therapist constantly getting support from the other departments,which brings a very successful output “


  • “Our son was having severe learning disability which was notified by the school.We took him for ABA therapy sessions. He eventually improved a lot and at present he is very comfortable with his studies. All thanks to Ms.Asha and all staffs in the center”.


  • Asha is amazing! We went to Austin center for speech and ABA after knowing about Asha from one of our church friend. She is a board certified behavior analyst (I think one of the first board certified person in UAE) and really a god gifted person who is very sincere in her job. My son who was non-verbal and autistic. After one week itself I started noticing the difference, In two months he started talking and his behavioral issues are settled a lot. Now he is studying in one of the leading CBSE school in Dubai.I can very well say my experience with other centers that ,they have one of the best Speech and language Therapy department in Dubai.All their therapist are real good.If you are looking for indian speech therapist in Dubai, they are the best.Best wishes from Parent of Vivian.
  • It’s been a great experience we had at Austin center from the day one till today. As a parent of child with autism we were very particular that our child should get service from a highly qualified and experienced person in the field of autism and ABA. On the first day itself we were happy because of the fact that that all our concerns were very clearly answered by Ms. Asha Susan. We verified her credentials and extremely happy to know that she has 15 years of experience with autistic children and she finished her education in US universities and is certified by the Board of Behavior Analysis, USA. The therapists are experienced and let us inside the therapy rooms at times which is really helpful for us. Unlike other centers, my child’s speech therapy and Behavior sessions are monitored very frequently by Ms. Asha on a regular basis which make the treatment much effective and recovery much faster. Now my child’s behavior and speech is almost like any normal child.This is why we still going happily to this center even though it’s a bit tiring to drive from Dubai marina to Al Nahda in the evening.By Ishan Ali,Head Of procurement,Al Futtaim.

  • My little one has been here @ Austin for the past 3 months. As a mother of child with complex autism I could proudly say that she has changed a lot in a very limited time. As a very anxious mother I had visited couple of super big costly facilities in Dubai. Yes, they do have ABA, speech OT and all but not a properly experienced full time Behavior Analyst or Autism Consultant on board. But only one major difference, after joining Austin only I realized the role of a Behavior Analyst in the Autism treatment. I had taken so many ABA sessions from random therapist who used to come to my home. But I couldn’t see a consistent proper progress at all. Some cases I could see progress initially but after achieving couple of basic targets, they are confused about how to proceed by applying proper strategies and techniques. My advice to the parents – if you have an Autistic child ,don’t wait or try to save the cost by opting any random ABA therapist service(most of them are from different career backgrounds and learned ABA crash course in 20-30 hours and trying their luck with your kids) ,you must choose a Behavior Analyst(They get this certification only after a proper university education…most of it from US universities and after successful completion of multiple board examinations by the US boards who regulates it).Make sure the therapist is closely observed and guided by the analyst…caz therapist dosnt know how and what strategies should be applied to settle various complex behaviors and doing wrong therapy will be really really badly affects in the progress of your child. I strongly advice to take consultation from Mrs. Asha to have a clear understanding of what is to be done in your child’s case and she will definitely be able to guide you in the write path. I must say that all other department specially speech also is really good @ Austin. Since Asha co-ordinates and monitoring all the therapist and ensuring that every therapist communicate each other in a specific child’s progress, the treatment is really achieving the goals in much faster than in normal scenario. Good Luck!


Parents -Dubai

  • My child was diagnosed in March 2016 .He was 4-year-old at that time. He was not able to say mama and baba. He was able to say only A B C. His eye contact was not good and he was having behavioural issues too. We just started therapy from this centre, Now after one year giving therapy in this centre, my child have improved a lot (March 2017) his speech, behaviour and eye contact improved very much. Now he is showing his expressions, if he needs something he can speak, he plays with children. He follows instructions. He understands everything. The staff members of the centre are responsible and hardworking. I observe they take keen interest in therapy they are supportive and nice. Because of their hard work now, my child is able to do everything by himself. His social skills developed a lot. They are giving therapy with modification after every target. My child Ismail has improved a lot in one year, specially his speech and behaviour. I would definitely recommend the Austin centre to each parent. The staff members are punctual, hardworking and smart. One year before (2016), I was thinking how he would move in society. Now he can do everything by himself. He understands everything. Thank you so much for Mrs. Asha and all other centre staffs.


Meenu Misra

  • When I started initially with Austin. My child speaks only a few words and he was hyperactive and was not having the patience to wait for anything. In Austin I got all therapies like Occupational, Speech, and ABA. I got here very well interactive session with Asha and she let me sit with my child and observe him during the therapy sessions. This helps me a lot to follow all these techniques at home also. Many centers not allowing parents to sit inside the room where they don’t have any objection for that only thing our child should not get distracted with our presence. Here we are getting group sessions which is very helpful for the kids before they starting school they can learn how to interact with other kids how to wait and do from talking. Staff at Austin are 100% dedicated they study our kid’s positives and negatives sides and they do sessions accordingly. They help us to focus on the negative sides of our kids and helped to improve them effectively. At Austin, parents are getting an opportunity to interact with others who also had the same issues and can also be a kind of tension-releasing area for parents. I would say Austin is a better place for kids who have developmental delays, speech issues, hyperactivity etc.

Best wishes from Parent of Ajwad.

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23 thoughts on “ABA -Speech Therapy, Dubai-Testimonials

  1. My son is 3 years old, we are moving to Dubai in April 2017. Do you have a dedicated team for ABA? How many of hours usually the behavior analyst supervises my child’s aba therapist.

    1. Hello Rekha,
      Yes,we do have a team of therapist in our health facility in Al Nahda.Behavior Analyst will supervise the ABA therapist at least once in a week and we have only certified therapist with very good experience with autistic kids.You may call once you are here.

  2. hi…when i read this article it came to my mind that your team can help my son..he is very intelligent boy but very hyper active…he is not listening to his teacher in the school most of the time… he will keep running and not doing activities at school.We tried him in a speech therapy center in sharjah,but was not much of use. If you can call me i will really appreciate.We live in sharjah. Thank you

  3. as salam ally kum

    my sons 3. year old need aba trerapist in abu shagrah pleace call me in any one now 0565936668

  4. Hi my daughter is 3.7 now…she has signs of autism .iv been taking her to a clinic in sharjah for therapy since past 1 and a half year and theres not much change. I dont know what to do.

    1. Hello Saleha, The key is get the proper treatment procedure at the early stage of child. You may call us at your convenience.

  5. Hi ,
    My son is 7 yrs old . He has speech and behavioral issues . Academically he is doing fine . We are in Riyadh . Next month we r traveling to Dubai . Would like to have an appointment with Dr. Asha . Can you please guide me how to proceed ?

    1. Hello Suchismita, You may call the center number (check the contact us page) to fix an appointment after your arrival.

  6. Will you provide speech therapy at my home in Dubai? I had a therapist who used to come my home.But i came to know from linked In that she holds a commerce degree..amd i was shoiking to me. I want a speech therapist who is certified from the UAE ministry.

    1. At the moment we dont have speech therapist for in home speech services. But our speech and language therapy department has an array of highly qulaified experienced speech therapist, they will be able to help you. All our speech ,behavior and occupational therapist are approved by corresponding boards and licensed by the concerned ministries in UAE.

  7. Hi Asha

    I don’t know if you remember me. But I had visited you late last year. For our daughters Samara and Kiara

    But unfortunately due to circumstances then we could not start with you and also as we r working parents

    Do you have any centers in Dubai

    It if we could find a way to work out a schedule for my daughter Kiara as Samara is already enrolled for kg1 in springdales. But Kiara is not yet ready. She has improved a lot but not enough



    1. Hello Kiran,
      Yes I do remember you . I will give you a call in the evening.

      1. Madam , Can i get your contact number please ?
        I am in need of some advice from you

        1. You may contact me on the number given in the website contact page.

  8. My son was diagnosed with autism. he i just 2.5 year old.Do you provide speech therapy for 2 year old children ? He is the only one for me , we are in very difficult situation. I heard from one of my friend that you have been working with children with autism for a long time. He has so many behavior problems like screaming in public places and running around all the time with some unusual actions. He is having speaking problems also.We stays in Abushagara .Please advice whether we should start speech therapy or behavior therapy now. I tried your number .i am not able reach you. How can we book an appointment with you.

    1. Dear Parent,
      Hope you got a formal diagnosis for your baby. We do give speech therapy for kids in the above mentioned age level. It is recommended to start therapy at the earliest as early intervention can bring in lot of improvements in the children.Around 53 Kids who started early intervention with us has mainstreamed to many good schools in dubai in this new academic year 2017 . The key is to choose the right treatment and a well experienced speech and language therapist at the right time. God Bless.

    1. You may come to our center in Al Nahda ,Sharjah. Please call me on 0543291664

  9. Hi I have a boy 2 yr 2 month old but he is speaking only 3 words and some colors name. But not even say mummy and Papa but babling a lot some time he wants to say something but we are unable to understand his words sometime he follow us. But sometime we call Him but he doesn’t want to listen we had his hearing test when he was. 20 month old and that was ok So I need any help for him or he is ok

    1. Hello Renu,

      Please visit our consultant Mrs.Asha in this regard. You may even call her @ 0543291664 after 6PM for an advice.

  10. Dear Ms Asha,

    My son is 3.6 years and currently undergoing ABA (6 hours per week) and OT (3 hours per week) sessions in DHCC . He has been diagonized with development delays. I’m looking to have a re assessment and 2nd opinion. Its been 6 months with the centre. There is definately a progress as he was non verbal when he started in Jun 2017 and now says his alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors. But is unable to express or communicate his needs. I live in Dubai and would like to know if you provide transportation facilities as we are working parents.


    1. Hello Ms Tanya,

      Good that you have started the treatment early.Please call on 0543291664 to fix an appointment.Surely we will be able to help you.

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