How to choose ABA ?

How to choose ABA ?

Just as a medical treatment program should be directed by a qualified doctor, ABA programs for learners with autism should be designed and supervised by a board certified Behavior Analyst and the therapy will be delivered by a registered behavior technician(RBT) .

“Do Not” choose ABA sessions where the child is not getting the “DIRECT” supervision of a behavior analyst at least “ONE HOUR/WEEK”.An ABA therapist without regular supervision could cost you a lot and achieve very little,or even worse,could set back child’s development in some areas.

Choose a trained ABA therapist who is supervised directly under a Board Certified Behavior Analyst on a regular basis. Unfortunately some who claim to offer ABA lacks the minimum requirements in education.

Always check the credentials of those who claim to be qualified in Behavior Analysis . Make sure the behavior analyst is listed under certificant registry of BACB.

What is RBT?

RBT means registered behavior technician registered under BACB,Board USA .This course sequence completed within 40-50 hours.BACB insist that RBT must work under a behavior analyst and must be regularly supervised by a Behavior Analyst

Who is a Behavior Analyst?

Behavior Analyst is a professional in behavior analysis who earns the university education(Bachelor’s/Master’s) in behavior analysis and certification by BACB board,USA.This is one of the highest certification in behavior analysis .

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