Signs of Autism

Initial Signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder

If you think that your kid might have autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), please read through the list of possible signs of ASD. In order to be referred for an assessment your child doesn’t have to show all the mentioned behaviors. Alternative conditions also may feature these characteristics.

Following are the typical early signs of ASD

Impairment in Social interaction

  • Inappropriate eye gaze
  • Lack of warm and joyful expressions
  • Lack of sharing interest or enjoyment
  • Poor response to call
  • Poor  Communication
  • Poor coordination of non-verbal communication
  • Irregular rhythm, unusual voice quality
  • Repetitive Behaviors and movements with objects
  • Repetitive movements or vanity of body, arms, hands or fingers

If your child shows more than two above mentioned signs, please ask your child’s doctor for an evaluation.


What Causes Autism Spectrum Disorder?

It is not caused by parents or the approach a child is raised, and there is likely no single cause. Potential causes together with genetic and environmental factors are under study.

Can it be cured?

Complete cure for ASD isn’t found up to now. proper treatment and intervention methods offered will certainly facilitate kids with ASD to a great extent. Children with ASD can show great improvement in their communication abilities and overall skills, if they get a proper treatment at early stage of life itself

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