Autism Dubai

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a convoluted neurobiological condition. Autism may affect a person’s interests, behavior, social relationships and communication. The symptoms and characteristics present in a very wide range of combinations, and people can show any combination of the behavioral problems. Studies betoken that ASD affects one in each eighty eight kids.

Autism in Dubai, UAE

According to an experts in Dubai,one out of every 120 children is is diagnosed with autism in UAE.Its high time for goverment to start some serious Autism Treatment and support initiatives to help autistic children in thickly populated emirates like Dubai ,Sharjah,Ajman etc .Autism numbers is rising alarmingly form 80’s

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ASD is extremely seen in boys than in girls and it conventionally seems at the first stage of life, ordinarily before the age of 3.Children who is in ASD incline to have communication difficulties that ranges from being non-verbal to not understanding non-verbal signs, having difficulty in building comities felicitous to their age group or responding infelicitously in conversations. They additionally could also be sensitive to transmutations in their setting, extravagantly dependent on routines or intensely fixated on infelicitous things. The symptoms and characteristics might vary gentle to rigorous from children to children.

Children with ASD could also be represented with term, such as: Autism Spectrum, Autistic Disorder, Pervasive developmental Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, CDD, autistic-like, high/low-functioning autism. Child’s abilities or needs and these terms don’t really have a lot of relation. It’s more important to understand that, regardless of the diagnosis a correct timely treatment primarily based on the child’s individual abilities and needs, will facilitate kids to develop to their full potential.