How to Improve good behaviors at home?

It is vital to reinforcing acceptable behavior. Something your child likes can be used as a reinforcer.Following can be considered as reinforcement to your child:

  • Child’s like should be considered when you choosing reinforcers,;Likes of your child may be different from what other children likes.
  • Reinforcers should always be kept under restricted access.  If the child can have it any time its price as reinforcement will reduce.
  • Provide reinforcement like a shot following behaviors you’d wish to increase.
  • Verbal praise may be a robust reinforcement, give specific verbal praise permanently behavior (e.g., nice job sitting nicely in your chair!).
  • A verbal praise for a good behavior can be a powerful reinforcement
  • A good behavior can happen again if you give the child reinforcement quickly after the behavior.

  • Never miss an opportunity to teach and praise your child- Any good things like appropriate communication, sharing, waiting, etc. should be appreciated. Teach your child to request for a break if he doesn’t want to continue a specific activity.
  • Request your child only thing which he can –Make sure the tasks which you are asking your child can be done by himself or with minimal support. Divide the task into smaller tasks and request the child to finish it step by step or partially.
  • Request your child things in a simple and understandable manner –Before asking the child to do a task let the child know what he will get after completing it. As he succeeds, give him more tasks. Make sure you give sufficient time to accomplish the task and praise him after finishing the task.
  • Set up things wisely to avoid problem behavior –Understand the situations which triggers problem behavior and setup the child’s environment in such a way to avoid any problem behaviors

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