Looking for a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in Dubai?

IMPORTANT facts to know before starting ABA Therapy,Why should a Board certified Behaviour Analyst supervise ABA Therapist? As per BACB(Behavior analyst certification board ),ABA program should be designed and supervised by a certified BCBA/BCaBA who is having detail understating of applied behaviour analysis principles. Only a “certified BCBA/BCaBA” can dynamically implement various behavioral strategies according to specific case.   The Board also demands an analyst to strictly supervise the therapist who provides direct therapy.Click here to view a Dubai Based Certified Behaviour Analyst profile.

What is BCBA?

This is certification provided by BACB (Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Florida).BACB standards are equivalent to other international boards which issues professional credentials. Typically this certification process is takes 3-4 years and the pass rate is below 30%.Certification process includes course work, several examinations, practical experience and final board exam.

Since the Behavior analyst examination process is very lengthy and too hard to pass, number of certified analyst in Dubai is very less compared to therapist.

Who is an ABA Therapist?

Currently no standardized qualification established for ABA Therapist. Anyone who (graduate/under graduate) who is trained by an analyst for minimum 20 hours can start working as a therapist. But they are not supposed to design the program themselves.

Designing, Implementing and supervising a child specific ABA treatment program requires proper qualification in behavior analysis and a deep knowledge of applied behavior principles. An ABA program designed by a therapist who claims to know behavior concepts will end up in wasting your money and your child’s precious time.

Before starting an ABA program for the child, please check the following:

  • The program for your child is designed and monitored by a board certified behaviour analyst/Consultant.
  • Program is developed after a detailed assessment of child’s individual skills, problems at school/home, family goals etc.
  • Program should focus on overall development in areas like social, behavioral, academics, communication and play skills.
  • Analyst should continuously monitor the treatment progress and modify the programs and direct therapist accordingly.
  • “Must check the credential of the behavior analyst by asking their registration number with the BACB Board”.

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  1. Hii
    I m mother of 2.8 yr old baby girl…she is not speaking much words…v r planning to shift to dubai…wil this therapy work for her?can u tell me how many hrs per week she need and cost for that..
    Thanks in advance

    1. Dear Parent,
      Please contact us on the official number given for free quick online consultation with our Behavior Analyst.

    2. Dear Parent,
      We provide all pediatric therapy services. Please contact us on the official number to know about the fee structure.

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